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12-26-2013, 01:19 AM
Forum United Kommandos(F.U.K.) is a pretty laid back faction that starte 2 months ago. so the netherlands was our first and only war. we made it 1055 with 443024 points. we work together with a couple top 250 and top 150 factions. we can get to top 500 in cuba. we are mostly looking for players from europe and asia to get a nightcrew up and running.

health regen time: +25%
infantry attack: +5%
infantry defense: +25%
ground defense: +20%
air defense: +15%
sea defense: +10%
building defense: +15%
building output: +5%
guild member increase: +16

we use the chat app kakaotalk
if you want to join pm me or just post a message and than just send a request 377-346-772.

pimmen8 FUK officer

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