View Full Version : The Invinceable Tribe(top100/200) Streak Faction!

12-26-2013, 11:18 AM
Spaces in both TIT (Top 100/200 and TIT2(top 500)

Finished 80th in Italy and 100 in the Netherlands

The Invinceable Tribe top100 want win streak individuals

The Invinceable Tribe aTop 100 faction who finished 80th in Italy and 100 in the Netherlands are looking for strong surge players who want the win streak prizes and want to rank top 250 minimum!

Also we want players who want to complete all faction events!

We are an easy going solid team who likes a drink with a guild of 56 from US , UK , Scandanavia, Asia and Europe !

We are a consistent top 100/150 faction without trying for position,we want to concentrate on win streaks but will always finish top 200 upto 100!

We compete in all fltq completing them all so far and full participation in boss events is required!

Our requirements !

1). Most important things are Communication and being active and you must like a drink!

2) Someone who puts the faction first ! Faction ltq > individual

3) Stats : we are looking for 2.5m+ attack players,higher the better!

4)Gold is appreciated a lot ,however much you use,but is NOT a necessity !

4) Our Bonuses : going for attack bonuses now!
Heath Regen Time = 7/7
Ground Attack = 3/7
Air Attack = 3/7
Infantry Attack = 4/7
Infantry Defence = 7/7
Ground Defence = 6/7
Air Defence = 4/7
Sea Defence = 3/7
Sea Attack = 2/7
Building Defence = 7/7
Building Output = 15%
Guild Member Increase = +36. (56)

Like what you see ?? Pm me or add me 944355094


12-28-2013, 10:33 AM
Bump for the new air attack bonus