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12-27-2013, 12:45 PM
We are a top 750 streak syndicate with a solid core, looking to fill 10 slots with preferably a solid core of another syndicate who is tired of carrying all the weight. Our focus during war is to win as many battles in a row with as little ip as possible. We have perfected strategies to do so. Now we are just working on recruiting more core members who share the same strategies.

If you are in a syndicate where the officers do most or all the work and you are tired of it, send me a pm and we can discuss details. We use group me and we are more than willing to get the core members together to discuss everything before the move.

We are willing to accept single members who share our war philosophy but we are looking for a core group of people who are already together and used to working with each other to complete goals. We focus on teamwork and friendship more than anything.

As far as requirements go, gold is not mandatory, activity is. If something is going on and you will be a little inactive during an event, just let us know. No big deal. Group me is required as we rely heavily on communication. Most importantly, everyone must be on the same page as far as our war strategies, which we will discuss in private.

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