View Full Version : Gree please fix two things for christmas

12-27-2013, 06:04 PM
1. It should not take so many screen touches to buy walls...has a developer acually sat down and spent the time to buy 70 level 15 walls for a war....that is alot of touches and it isnt even legal in the state of tennesse where I am from...I have to take my device over to my mom and dads in georgia and buy all my walls....please fix this....one magic butt..... and you can name it (theflyfisher) button my in game name should allow you to purchase them in one step.

2. Take away the power attack button after the dl is down....people hit it by mistake...it gives no extrampoints it is confusing...and really confusing..the extra stat bonus it gives doesnt really help

And if you could make android sort points in wars like ios does on battle list screen and the ? Marker on boss event on android really tell bosses killed I wouldnt have to take faction point totals from the day before and subtract and divide by ten to see who had gotten their kills in for the day...but...really the first two things would be nice...

We wont shoot our eye out

Respect all fear none