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12-28-2013, 04:48 PM
Just wondering. We just finished playing TBN and the points scored by them don't match the number of losses we sustained. Can someone from customer support explain how a team can score without the corresponding losses by the other team? Of course the underlying assumption is that a team like TBN would not be hitting our command center as they can easily hit any of us.

12-29-2013, 02:03 AM
Grow up its a game. They played you and it obviously worked

12-29-2013, 02:22 AM
When you attack a rival and lose, they score the WD points from the match instead of you... it marks it as a loss on your score board for whoever lost the attack and a win on their score board for whoever you attacked that won. If you are higher level than they are, then the WD points you give them is more. If you are lower level than they are, then the WD points you give them is less. The wall status also plays an effect on the amount of points you give them.

Essentially all the failed attacks from your team racked up their score and accounts for the discrepancy.

If you have a team largely composed of low level players and they had a team composed of largely high level players, then strategically the command center gives more consistent points and would be more favorable.

You also have to take into account the wall attacks which are now 60 points each and if you deploy high level walls, require a large number of unaccounted hits.

Lastly, it might be a server refresh issue with your device and internet connection... in order to get the latest and most recent results, close out the WD screen and then reopen. If your wifi connection is being utilized by other computers and devices and they are utilizing alot of bandwidth such as downloads, you tube, netflix, music streaming... this would retard the server refresh performance on your device with modern war game engines.

Hope this helps.

12-29-2013, 01:13 PM
Appreciate the helpful response. Both sides scored half a million so each side had targets. We just weren't seeing the losses even after time was up. Perhaps this is another form of Gree math. And to the first responder, isn't life fun when you can hide behind a screen name? Life may be better if you were more respectful regardless of whether you know the person.