View Full Version : Mod plz help

12-29-2013, 08:33 AM
Sirius plz help me get this transfer done ticket # is 1244149

Thx in advance!!!

12-29-2013, 08:52 AM
Good luck with that!

12-29-2013, 10:12 AM
The forum isn't for anyone's help.
Aside from posts by thief, droffito, rud, and Larryjackson4 this forum is about useless.

Mods don't answer questions, developers don't fix issues, and very few times do they even pay attention to our concerns.

12-29-2013, 12:50 PM
Zheli it's ppl like you who trolle these forums and make them useless junior member I am but I run a top 250 faction and have been playing for about 2 yrs so stfu

12-29-2013, 12:58 PM
Passed it along!

12-29-2013, 01:25 PM
That is my second pleasant gree customer service interaction thx Sirius appreciate the help I know they Probly have u overwhelmed but do appreciate your help !!!!

Dirty Mind
12-29-2013, 02:07 PM
the typical respons is:
Forums aren't the best place to get resolution for individual tickets, but this situation has been common lately: you didn't reply to our last reply asking for more account info. If you reply to that ticket or send a new one with the requested info, we'll get back to you about it. You might want to check your spam folder and make sure it isn't blocking our replies.
you got yours pretty quick, are you sure you lead a top 250? did you mean top 2?

12-29-2013, 03:15 PM
I'm with dirty on this one... And I was more speaking from a mod than trolling. And "junior" forum member, I'm not talking about your game experience