View Full Version : Is anyone there? Does anyone care?

12-29-2013, 09:23 AM
It's also not like we don't have anyone looking at the game over the holidays. Engineering looked at what it'd take to fix this faster, but fixing the goal + awarding everyone who'd already completed it was just complicated enough that there was some real risk of messing things up further if we tried to rush this through with most of our team our and no QA cycle - particularly since there's world domination coming up this weekend.

Still doesn't change the fact that this sucks for everyone involved, and we're sorry about that - but hopefully this at least lends more context.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Could you have the people who are "looking at the game" figure out what is happening with the individual goal medals? Could someone communicate that information to us? There are people in my faction not spending the money to get the wins because they aren't getting medals. If you figure this out and communicate it, I bet spending will go up.