View Full Version : Respect all Fear None looking to fill spots thru merge or right people small groups

12-30-2013, 06:51 AM
We have been a faction for every single war. We have seen glory as high as 267 and scored as low as 1412 greenland...so we know how to win....we are a points team. That is all we are designed for...we have second faction respect all fear none two we could turn in to a streaker with the right minis. Currently this war we are fighting at 22 and in top 750. We had a streak of five. And will finsh around 25 wins. 35 would be possible with more players. We have room for folks of character and quality. So if you can score minimum 15k wd points...let us know....we did 6 out 7 last boss event...like to be part of the planning..well we have room for you...are you a small faction looking to move up over night....this is your place...pm me and lets talk about your needs for your small group or your faction. Please understand....our faction bonuses are listed below and we arent moving anywhere. Our leadership is sound and secure...and we will fill our spots one at a time if need be

01-13-2014, 01:20 PM
Just about add sea attack