View Full Version : All ACTIVE Synd. Looking for Active Players & Euro Players!

12-30-2013, 06:21 PM
Your Huckleberries, an All ACTIVE syndicate, is now recruiting Active Members & we also need Euro players to take on the night shift to help keep Battles going 24/7!!!! We're a fun group of serious active players! We are not focusing on Rank, we are looking to get as many Wins & Wins in a Row for Better Rewards!!! We already have 61+ Great Bonuses (not all the cheapest ones), Including Hideout Health & Damage, 2 of the best/most expensive Influence Points Bonuses and All the Cash Bonuses!!! We're a Fun, Team Oriented Syndicate where ALL Members Remain Active, Communicate, Help & Support Each Other & their Syndicate!!! We currently have 32 Extremely Active Members! We have much combined Game Experience, Knowledge & Tips that we are all more than willing to share, we also have a Perfect Battle Strategy!!! Here's your chance to be part of a great team where your Efforts are Noticed and Rewarded!! We've all grown very close here, were like a Little Crime City Family, lol!!!
We also may be willing to MERGE with the Right Active Syndicate HERE ONLY!!!

REQUIREMENTS: Minimum Stats must be: under Lv 50 10x Level, LV 50-100 20x LEVEL, Lv 100+ 1m+, LV 150+ 2m+, LV 200+ 3m+, All Levels Welcome if you are Truly Active!!! ALL MEMBERS Must Actively Participate in Battles & Events and ALL MUST Join GroupMe - Free Group Messaging app.

Send a request to join or send me a Personal Message on here!

Your Huckleberries INVITE CODE 694-596-338
Add Me (Sixes, Leader) 533-300-196
Second Account (Sixes-Bliss) 584-628-266
Third Account (Bliss) 517-557-259