View Full Version : Pornstar ☆ Rejects is Recruiting

01-01-2014, 06:10 PM
Pornstar Rejects is a small team with some decent bonuses. We are composed of players who have stepped back from Top 25-75 Factions.

We had a blast in Cuba completing 50 wins & 7/7 streaks. We also have a partnership in place that allows all members of our crew to finish 6+ days of boss events and ALL FLTQ events... so your stat growth is safe with us :)

We are seeking players who are sick of tossing significant cash at this game and want to take a step back and have some fun while still competing at a high level.


- 5 million+ Raw stats
- Highly active for wars & events
- Communicates well
- Solid IPH

- Europeans, Asians, Low-levels, Light Gold, are all bonuses

To apply to Pornstar Rejects, PM me.