View Full Version : Silent Death Squad is looking for new active members. Ranked 535 in Cuba

01-02-2014, 10:43 AM
We are looking for new active members for our hard working crew. Our history: 1346 in Mexico, 709 in Italy, 739 in Netherlands, 535 in Cuba. We are a 3-4 month old faction but we are not new to the game. Good bunch of members. No daily donation minimums, we just ask that you donate what you can reasonably or better. No gold required but is accepted and appreciated. We use groupme for communication. We are strong communicators and plan events well. Our defense leader is 5.3 million + defense. We have bought 57 bonuses in our short time. We are looking for active daily players. We have a lot of fun just using the chat app so it's not always strictly about the game. We like to have fun outside of the game as well. We have players in 7 time zones and are also seeking players outside of our time zones. Private message me, ally me, or just join.