View Full Version : Im hiring!!! Fighters active and strong

01-02-2014, 11:37 AM
2 more spots needed filled! Actives wanted ! Carry ur faction well try ours!
Are you a free player w free gold? Or are you a part of gold program?
Activity and knowing how too work chat app means more
Mayhem Training Academy Invite ID 387018350
What we offer:
Top 100 team
Health Regen -35%
Infantry Attack 15%
Infantry Defense 35%
Ground Defense 35%
Ground Attack 15%
Air Defense 25%
Air Attack 10%
Sea Attack 5%
Sea Defense 20%
Building Defense 35%
Building Output 20%
Guild max size of 50
1 Billion in daily cash donated. Two requirements! Be Active!Must use Groupme!!