View Full Version : Brand new syndicate of stacked minis seeking active players to complete our team!!

01-02-2014, 02:37 PM
We are a brand new syndicate that's getting ready to fight in our very 1st war! We're made up of mostly mini accounts from players that have been playing a long time and are very active and very good at playing this game. There are a couple main accounts including my own. We are collecting bonuses left and right! Lol! We are seeking dedicated active players to join us in the fight and turn this thing into a monster!! A lot of our members have been on teams that have placed at least top 250 or better so we know what it takes to run a solid team and we have every intention on building this thing into at least a top 250 team or even better. A lot of us are light-medium gold spenders. So gold spenders are preferred but not required! As long as you are active and love to have fun then you'll be a good fit here! Our defense leader is a level 195 with 2.5 mill defense. And our average members are anywhere from a level 30-50 with 750k-1mill+ in stats! So we have a wide variety of players. We are seeking experienced and active players to help us turn this thing into a monster! And if it's the right person we'd also be willing to help out newer players in learning the game and helping them boost their stats!

Invite code - 945-787-872

Our only requirements are -

1.) You must join our outside chat room on GroupMe. That's where we do all of our communications and sharing intel/battle plans during the wars

2.) You must be active in all syndicate events

3.) You must be able to score at least 10k ip during the wars

4.) Donate whenever you can but as of right now there are NO donation minimums

5.) Gold spenders are preferred but not required

Our bonuses so far -

Respect payout - 25% (maxed)
Building output - 25% (maxed)
Building def - 25% (maxed)
Melee defense - 25% (maxed)
Gun defense - 25% (maxed)
Car defense - 20%
Armor attack - 5%
Armor defense - 15%
Explosive def - 10%
Job payout - 5%
Hideout health - 5%