View Full Version : Top 200 Syndicate is recruiting....

01-02-2014, 08:22 PM
Our syndicate has ranked as high as 88, and last war we ranked 188 with only half our syndicate being active for various reasons. I've cut the the dead weight, and let's face it, GREE is making us lose some great players. Whatever the reason, I'm still playing the game. And most likely, so are you if you're reading this ;) .We have 10 spots to fill and would love to have you if you like to have fun as much as the rest of us and still want to do well!

We require at least 1.5 million minimum stats, or 20k*level. Active participation in all syndicate events is definitely a must. Great communication, and use of Palringo is also required. Please message me if you're interested, I am looking forward to have you join our family :)