View Full Version : looking for top 500-1000 syn to join our family

01-05-2014, 10:58 AM
I am the leader of my syndicate we are about 105 right now and we also have a second syndicate near top 400. Their leader is leaving and we need a good team player to take over our second tier.

I'm going to bring up a few of the second syns players so what I need is someone who wants to merge their syn into our second syn. They have pretty decent bonuses and some solid players who still will be there.

With this....

You get all the knowledge of our first syndicate,
People from our syn coming to donate money,
Help on events,
Steady supply of players from first tier and any recruits who aren't ideal for us but can be forces for a little lower ranked syn.

We will help you however we can and your team will progress faster than it would without the support of a higher ranked syn. Great chance for any 500-1000 syn who wants support just have to move into our second syn with ur players.

Please pm... Have one interested already but just testing water a bit.