View Full Version : The Department Of War Looking For Strong Active Players

01-05-2014, 03:10 PM
The Department Of War is Currently a top 400 52 member faction placing 315 in India, 409 in Canada, 337 in Australia, 411 in Poland, 172 in Madagascar, 555 in Columbia, 410 in Ireland, 254 in Netherlands, 266 in Italy, 419 in France, 284 in mexico

We are looking to consistently be a top 250 and are looking for active and strong players to do this
ideally we are looking for players any level with raw stats around 2 million+ mark

our bonuses are health regen 30%, building def 35%, infantry def 35%, infantry att 10%, ground def 35%, ground att 15%, air def 30%, air att 10%, sea def 30%, sea att 10% building output 30%,

there are no requirements other than a daily donation of your choice that is it,

if your interested please pm me and we shall discuss