View Full Version : Top 400 faction needs help finishing the Raid Boss

01-06-2014, 09:51 AM
We are at 26/36 and will finish that one without problems, but the level 95 and especially the level 100 will cause problems.

We have one spot open, can remove 2 low accounts and buy a faction increase if needed. So a total of 5 spots open. Stats needed is around 10 million or more per spot should do the trick.

Our health regen is maxed out.

For us, we get to finish the Raid Boss.

For you:
The feeling of beeing the good samaritan.
Another 100000/109952, ally attack +3% unit
+ the other units, both loot and the units won from 26/36 to 36/36
At least one Ground medal.

I'm sure some of the top factions already finished 36/36 and why not help us and get some more units for yourself too :-)

Our faction code is: 365 721 177