View Full Version : What a great community we have in game!!

01-08-2014, 11:34 AM
There was one time I hated to read most of the posts here. I thought all the great man in the game previously have already left this community and all we left is ppl endlessly complaining the game and judging what other ppl is doing. BUT, TODAY, today I have to say that these ppl are still here, they are always ready to reach out and help other ppl when they are in need!!

I want give thanks to PATRICK (A TRULY HAWK!), Brazing Glory,Yupyup, Fooku, Jason(A top faction member who restored my trust on them), Command cody2, Weapon X, Stone(Sry buddy, we really don't have enough money to buy another guild and we have to remove you since your attack is relatively low), etc.. It is you guys who come along and support our team to fight until last min!!!! U brought hope for us!! Our faction thank your hard work and your great help during the last few tough boss kill!!

This is not only regarding to a digital toy, it changes our view of playing this game and how can we reach another fun level by helping other ppl in the community! TEAM HAWK will start moving forward!