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01-08-2014, 04:48 PM
First, thanks to Gree for a nearly flawless Raid Boss event. I've expressed my extreme unhappiness a couple times recently but this event was fun for my team and I have no complaints. Considering the folder drop rate and time we had before the event, good on ya for getting everyone started with 100 folders per player. This event will be a welcome addition each month. Some will complain about inflation but it already existed and if small factions execute well, they can make up lost ground against us old timers. I saw no reason to change anything.

Most importantly in this thread, I wanted to recognize all the strong player factions that went out and helped others. I've seen GSF and VFF mentioned already...great work, guys! Your efforts are what makes me continue to play. I know a few of you guys and most of us have been around forever. What good are our stats, IPH, experience, etc if we can't share them widely? If Gree doesn't shut the servers down, we need these smaller and lower stat factions to grow, get stronger and have as much fun as we did when we were at their level or they'll be nobody left to raid, attack and generally create havoc against in six months much less a year.

My team, P.U.S.S., also fanned out after finishing missions and we helped at least five smaller factions finish missions with the help of a few of my old PUN pals like Pirate Enforcer and even a few former SUP guys. It was the most dang fun we've had in a very, very long time and to see the gratitude and pure guts from guys trying to qualify with only 1/10th or 1/50th of our stats was awesome.

For any factions at or near the top that were too selfish and/or stupid to figure out that you could farm the same units in smaller factions while helping them but instead you gorged on them on in your own factions, you are part of what is wrong with this game. If you haven't figured it out yet, there is no winning. General Insane / Pirate Justice and I came close two years ago but y'all are chasing our ghosts. I refuse to even see you at the top anymore...you certainly aren't leaders in this game. All of those who helped the smaller factions are the true leaders and role models.

D1E Luke
01-08-2014, 04:58 PM
We finished the last goal (36/36 on downfall) the last 2 hours of the event and it would've sucked it we missed the 15 minute window... All that for nothing but we did it! :D. Oops, sorry. I agree that it was fun anyway. Only event I look forward to now since I assume they removed the FLTQ's. My old faction struggled on 33/33 since they're not as strong and don't use gold. It felt good to help them get the 50k unit. It was also my only time using gold in the event, but I did to help!

01-08-2014, 05:05 PM
I think this was a great event. We helped a couple of factions out-to the point that we did not get to farm as fast.

It was great to see all the factions helping the lower factions out. I think this is a great game w a great community just needs a few tweaks. It is definitely the community that keeps it all going and nice to see an event where we all helped each other out