View Full Version : Top 100 looking! Not desperate!!

01-09-2014, 02:48 AM
Were rounding out our roster. Were stacked pretty well but looking for one that might be a great fit.
If you cant fight for a faction are lazy or think minimal work will pass, dont apply!!
Wanna hang with winners and those that are organised too win and you can contribute try us.
Not taking any maybes or mights
Mayhem Training Academy Invite ID 387018350
What we offer:
Top 100 team
Health Regen 35%
Infantry Attack 15%
Infantry Defense 35%
Ground Defense 35%
Ground Attack 15%
Air Defense 25%
Air Attack 10%
Sea Attack 10%
Sea Defense 20%
Building Defense 35%
Building Output 20%
Guild max size of 50
1 Billion in daily cash donated. Two requirements! Be Active!Must use Groupme!!