View Full Version : CJ help with cc rushing Chile Medals

01-12-2014, 05:55 PM
Hi CJ. Could you please let us know what the requirements are going to be for gaining medals during the war? Most things will be unachievable like 50 wins and 9/9 streak for the 99% of us, but you guys were nice enough to give sweet prizes to people that are unable to get the last 4 and last 8 medals. It would be nice to see what we need to achieve so that we can spend gold on these masks if need be. Thanks bro!

As a side note, I finally bit on the building requirements and dropped 4000 gold to upgrade them. Can you please see that these buildings are going to be required at least once per month so that I feel as I got my money's worth? I am going to be pretty bummed if you guys no longer require them as spending 6000 gold to complete 1 fltq for 100k stats and a defense bonus would be devestating.