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01-13-2014, 06:13 PM
Wouldn't it be nice if gree would stop punishing us by giving us xp points when we complete a level in events and gave us battle points instead? I think it would be a good idea to get battle points instead of xp points for completing missions and events.

01-13-2014, 06:29 PM
Great idea, has my vote!

01-13-2014, 06:43 PM
I am assuming that part of the game, xp is supposed to be a good thing, to an extent. However, in most cases its not, and xp is only a good thing at the lower levels specific to the ability to build LEs, boost buildings, and the amount of cash received via an attack. But with the current WD points algorythm, xp is not a good thing, as well as the boss health. Your forced into a choice to remain as low as possible to achieve the most out of the game.

Battle points and experience points? Battle points are more looked at as achievement earned through battle, via PvP. Experience points are achievements gained through all forms of the game, looked at as an award for completing something.

My philosophy is that the current system is ideal for the difference between xp and bp. However, I still feel as most of you do, and that is xp causes more harm than good. It could be fixed. When the level cap was back at 200, sure all the caps on buildings, payout, and points made sense to an extent, but when the level cap was raised, so should have all the other parameters. At level 40, the max you can take from a person via attack is 300k per hit. It should continue to climb the same % per level to level 80 where you can take 600k per hit, and maybe more so to level 120 for 900k per hit. The Le buildings should be the same manor, so far we see 7hr, 12hr, 18hr, 24hr and 48hr LE buildings. If these were level dependant, xp wouldnt look so bad. Ie: you need to be level 50 to unlock the ability to purchase the 7hr LE buildings, level 90 for the 12hr LEs, and so on. But the most important part is the WD point fluctuation for higher level players during WD. I dont think that your level should have anything to do with it at all, although I havent set my mind on what my ideal system would be.

As for the boss, I have always spoken out on my feeling of splitting the 6th tier into 3 seperate tiers, level 151-200, 201-150, and 251-300, but we all know that stats relitively dont have anything to do with your stats in some cases, so perhaps adding the rank into the algorythm might be something to look at. Another aspect could be the bosses health doctored to each player as a certain % boss health above the players raw stats, in which that players boosts and bonuses are what offsets their ability to go further in the boss levels. This would also take the level out of the running in what your bosses health is.

All that said, if these were enacted, would xp really be a bad thing? It would be as it is, an award. But, with the current structure, and no adjustments made, I would rather get other things, ANY OTHER THINGS, than xp.