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01-14-2014, 12:27 PM
I have played this game for the last 18 months and seen its evolution from before WD and couple of events a month to the current non-stop back to back overlapping events. As this game continues to evolve you have players who are fed-up, burnt out quitting the game. In order for the game to continue to survive, it needs to have a constant influx of fresh blood to replace players who retire/quit.

Since the original game was not designed for the current fast pace, I would like to propose an adjustment to some of the game parameters to make Modern War easier for new players:

1. Change the upgrade times of the stock money buildings so that new players can quickly build up their IPH in order to be able to participate in the LE buildings quests. Suggestion would be to make the upgrade times similar or better than the LE buildings

2. Same should be done for upgrade times for the unit and boost buildings. The pace of the game does not afford players enough time to devote 80+ hours on upgrading a single building and nothing else. While this might annoy folks who have had to use gold to speed up upgrades, i think overall this will greatly improve gameplay.

3. Current game is increasingly a gold economy, with cash not having much value other than for the LE buildings. I would like to suggest that new player starting gold be modified to 100 gold from the current 10 gold.

4. Re-institute the daily scratch card, but only for new-players (for example player profiles younger than 60 days). This will allow the new players to get a jump start on the game.

5. One of struggles the game has had is with players camping to build stats, while penalizing higher levels with low points in WD. I would like to propose that the game institute a level bonus. For example: after lvl 250, players are able to upgrade 2 buildings at once.

6. Re-cycle some of the early game bonus units to allow the new players to catch up. Especially boost units which reduce health regen times, improve energy regen, improve stamina regen, allow you to upgrade multiple buildings at the same time. The reason for this is that, the older players have these bonuses while the new players do not have a chance to catch up since such units are no longer getting rewarded.


01-14-2014, 12:32 PM
Sounds like a dream land for llps.

Blade of 3
01-14-2014, 12:50 PM
New accounts, if played correctly, are much more efficient than old accounts (excluding top players with every award). To put this into perspective, I have stats in the dame range as the level 200+ players at level 90 using 1/10th as much gold as them. If I had the patience, I could create a new account and match my stats in a fraction of the time. Ltq's aren't essential unless you are in the higher level tier and by then you should have plenty on income and your unit buildings maxed or close. Also there is only a mission that requires unit buildings once every few months.

01-14-2014, 02:17 PM
Xknight i must applaud your effort. I also believe that new blood is critical for this game. I also believe that long standing members such as yourself are important to keep interested in the game.

1) I think this is a good idea. I couldn't tell you the last time i upgraded an income building that wasn't an LE because lets face it...the payout is worse, the upgrade time is longer...and there is no real reason to do so (unless your a new player and trying to get the buildings so that you can even afford an LE building) *Note i'm not saying make them cheaper or the payout better only that the upgrade times are long and could be adjusted

2) Unit and Boost Buildings on the Other hand i disagree with. Its a balancing act. I've been playing for 2 years and don't have all of mine maxed out. Its my decision. I have to justify if i want to go for upgrading an LE building or a unit/boost building. Most can use that opportunity to save up for a big upgrade though (which is what i use to do). I think being forced to make the decision on what to upgrade adds to the game (personal opinion)

3) 100 Gold for new players sure? 10 gold never did anything for me and 100 gold doesn't do much either but if you think it would bring in new blood then i would be all for it!

4) Re-Implementing the Daily Scratch card is a fine idea. Actually i would get rid of the daily rewards. There is very very little benefit to them when everyone is getting them. Plus gree has reset me back days so that everyone is always on the same level. If we are all getting the same prizes and you don't need to log in consecutively then we are all getting the same prizes and nothing really changes (those with more boosts get more powerful...but that already happens...a daily reward doesn't do anything) This should be fixed so that you get prizes based on consective logins. Good prizes at 15/30/45/60/90/120/180/240/365 Days in a row. If you miss a dya you start over.

5) Camping is part of the game...the problem was this was implemented so you didnt' have to have rivals that would steal your money...but now you get 2 additional benefits (easier bosses and more WD points) Thats a huge benefit to llp players (as many can defeat 100 bosses for 0 gold even if they haven't invested thousands of dollars into an account. Then they can also get 450 WD points on attacks while 250+ players can only get 200-250+ (and sometimes less than hitting a command center) Why are WD points based on level anyways? (i understand you don't want big guys beating up little guys but we need to balance this out)

That being said it would be interesting to see some unique bonuses based on your level. Likewise i would like to see bonuses based on how long you have been playing?

So perhaps you get unique bonuses at lvl 150, 200, 250, 300 and you get Duration Bonuses at 6 months, 1 year, 1.5 Years, 2 years, 2.5 years etc etc.

6) Won't happen. Gree has made a public announcement that this won't happen (and to be honest would piss off most of the old time plyaers)

7) As i've stated for long time the Boss Tiers need to be broken down for lvl 151-300 to 151-200, 201-250 and 251-300. They don't need to be dramatically different but it needs to be staggared just as it is earlier

01-14-2014, 02:38 PM
365 Days in a row.
Well... think of the stats something like this would yield.

01-14-2014, 02:56 PM
Well... think of the stats something like this would yield.

Gree would need to make sure and adjust for inflation along the way.

So for example a top unit 1 year ago was 4-6k. (i'll say 5k) and now its 400k
Or 8000 Percent???

So we will pretend a 250k unit Multiplied by Infalation that should be a 200 Million Stat unit?

Sounds crazy right?.....nope its just inflation

01-14-2014, 03:57 PM
Hi Thief,

I actually intentionally stayed away from mentioning bosses as I want to start a different thread on how to make bosses more interesting.

Currently the way the boss stands, its extremely tedious and boring to me. I cannot be bothered going for 7 days (and definitely not 5) to try and do 100 bosses. I find it very mind-numbing and also not very well incentivezed.

Additionally Boss going up more than 5% from month to month is horrible. Majority of the non-top 10 players will not even bother because you will not be able to catch up. A lot of the top 10 who have been playing for a while already have the stats (20 million plus attack) to be able to do complete it with not much gold spent.


01-14-2014, 09:45 PM
Hey Xknite,

No worries we all have our enjoyments out of the game. I personally hate LTQ events as I find hitting a target hundreds of time with my energy boring and I could see how others don't enjoy the boss.

I think the incentive is there (payout is still the best in the game for most until you hit lvl 151) based on the bonuses and raw stats as well as faction bonuses.

I do agree that the increase in health of 50%+ is rather absurd! My stats certainly don't go up by 50% each event and I work hard on my stats. Even with 20 million attack in the 151 tier you need to hit boss 100 One Hundred and 3 Times to bring him down in a 2 hour period....and as we all know that doesn't account for the 99 you have to beat before that.

I would like to hear your idea on how to make them more interesting.

Ive suggested that players pick a tier to compete in. Similar to how the raid boss is but once you start an event you are locked into that one for the duration of the event.

Easy for example would give you a boss with 100 million health
Normal for example would give you a boss with 250 million health
Prestige for example would give you a boss with 500 million health
Epic for example would give you a boss with 2 Billion health

Prizes would be better based on what tier you choose to compete in. That way your everyone can have fun again. Sure you might not get the best prizes but the bonuses would be similar

Ie. Easy is 5% bonus, Normal is 7% Bonus, Prestige is 9% Bonus and Epic is 12 percent bonus (or something like that) and the raw stats would increase by 10% for each tier...but everyone could have fun doing it!

01-15-2014, 01:18 AM
No no just no!!!! I have been playing this game from the start, I have completely rebuilt my base twice, quit playing for 3 months, log in 5-6 times an hour, put every bit of energy into ltq's, you name it I do it, all this and I have just over 3mil att n 4mil def, so why the hell am I facing lv50s with more than 10 mil att/def? Where the hell is my inflation!!!

01-15-2014, 02:05 AM
Gree would need to make sure and adjust for inflation along the way.

So for example a top unit 1 year ago was 4-6k. (i'll say 5k) and now its 400k
Or 8000 Percent???

So we will pretend a 250k unit Multiplied by Infalation that should be a 200 Million Stat unit?

Sounds crazy right?.....nope its just inflation
Yeah, think about if that 365 days starts today or tomorrow. The stats of it currently would be 200 - 250k or so. 364 days later and what would it have been changed too lol.

I saw in KA that during the last raid boss event the combined stats of each legendary was like 188k stats. Imagine if you managed to get about 10 of them... it would be insane. Someone over there already hit 200 million stats.

01-15-2014, 03:22 AM
Out of all that was suggested one thing sticks out to me the most... a level bonus. Right now we are all pretty much penalized for leveling up...at least past level 100.
You need to get to level 50 to open up being able to build all buildings and level 100 maximizes your alliance count. Anything past just makes it harder to defeat boss and reduces points in WD battles. This ends up making players sit out events (mostly LTQ).

Add something like this. Every 5th level past 100 get a scratch card in addition to skill points. Every 10th level add some gold (25 bars? I know...small, but better than nothing....that's what she said).

Every 25th level past 100 give an upgrade time reduction, or something.

Just some suggestions. Again, I think this is one of the biggest things to get higher level players back in to some of the events.

01-15-2014, 10:29 AM
It doesn't take but a month to get a new player up to speed and as CJ put it... "In to the meat of the game". I have been playing 4 months now, and I was pretty well adjusted and having fun within a few weeks with no gold purchases at all. There is always other new players that start when a newb starts so they can raid, battle, and grow together. There are plenty of low scoring factions for these newbs to join as well. Lowering upgrade times on buildings is going to do nothing but p1ss people off. I waited for them to upgrade... You waited for them to upgrade... They can wait for them to upgrade.

Agent Orange
01-15-2014, 01:33 PM
Some good points being made. The real problem is that a lot of items in the game are carried over from the very beginning where the stats we see now were not possible.

For example all the cash units, valour units, money buildings, and especially defensive buildings are totally useless in the higher levels. Oh and the Infirmary as well since everyone in the higher levels is all indestructible.

Some 'fixes' are really only relevant to certain levels of the game I think. One good thing about all this inflation is that it may be widening the gap between the gold and non gold spenders and perhaps with some fixes to the way rivals are being matched things might be more interesting and less painful for some.

But I guess the big problem is, we are talking about a game that has had so much junk grafted onto it that was never a consideration at day 1 that a full blown rewrite might be the best solution.

As opposed to what has been taking place with new graphics added to the old engine.