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01-23-2014, 04:17 AM
We are lookin for a small number of high stat members, ideal 10mil+ if free players or 5mil plus if gold users but all will be concidered. Were a strong and commited faction of 43/48, a large number of us are 8mil plus in stats with some heavy/medium gold users and some free players. We finished the first raid boss and intend on finishing the second, we have finished all fltq's to date, 5 days of epic bosses. We dont have a massive list of do's and dont's but activity is a must but we also have a life and you wont be asked to leave if you have work or other commitments during an event. Donations are what ever you can afford but from time to time we do have an all in week to boost donations for a quick couple of bonuses of which are very good and mounting up nicely.
Bonuses are:
Health regen +35%
Building output +25%
Building def +35%
Inf def +35%
Ground def +35%
Air def +35%
Sea def +35%
Inf attk +20%
Ground attk +20%
Air attk +15%
Sea attk +10%
Guild +28

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