View Full Version : Problem with Raid Boss

01-29-2014, 01:21 PM
Look at this ! . Gree please fix it .

http://up404.siz.co.il/up1/uz0wwnmqnnh1.jpg (http://www.siz.co.il/)

Edit :
One more .

http://up403.siz.co.il/up2/brooyjk1kgzw.jpg (http://www.siz.co.il/)

01-29-2014, 02:09 PM
I thought u began about lagg again cuz I got a little already hope it doesn't get worse

01-29-2014, 02:13 PM
It said that the last RAID boss, too, but when I checked my other accounts that were listed as Unranked, they had received a prize. It's just a display issue.

Edit: Android lag is Completely gone. If you're talking about server lag, that's never more than a second, or two. That is understandable and expected when 100,000 people are trying to connect and hit all at once.

01-29-2014, 02:15 PM
I didn't get any prize from unranked .

01-29-2014, 02:26 PM
I had a highlighted "Reward" button in the History screen. The pop-up I got didn't show one, but it was in my inventory and it was shown when I checked the reward button, even though the the history for that boss still listed me as unranked.

I just checked from Android to see if it was doing it again this boss, and my window just says "No History".
On iOS the history for one of our bosses shows 0 damage dealt at rank 3/3 for one of our members... not sure how a 0 damage "attack" would be listed there.

So, yep, things seem to be a bit screwy.

01-29-2014, 06:33 PM
The bigger problem with the raid boss is that Greedy stops giving out Uzis on the LTQ as soon as it starts.. The Raid Boss should be about teamwork and coordinated attacks. Instead, it has become more about finding Uzis. The fact that Gree is charging 5 gold for ONE uzi is absurd.