View Full Version : Help Wanted for Last 3 Prestige Boss Missions

01-31-2014, 04:24 PM
Yes, Soldiers Against Evil is a top 250 faction, and we promise we are as active as we can be.
Made it all the way to the last 3 prestige missions for the raid boss this early, and we're looking for a little bit more firepower for the Level 95s and 100s. We know you're looking for those super rares and elites.

1. Must have a Force Attack of 15 million damage, which translate to a profile attack of ~6.25 million.

2. You do not have to spend any gold. You do not have to donate folders. It is all up to you.

Please send me a PM if you're interested. Thanks.

02-01-2014, 02:45 AM
Bump bump bump