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01-31-2014, 11:59 PM
After a successful hiatus from Top 25 ranked wars, we have recently merged our 55+ win streak team with another successful 55+ streak team to forum a high-powered group that loves to have fun. We have been together for 3 cycles now for events... successfully completing each and every one with plenty of time to spare.

We have the firepower with just 30 players to place in the top 50, and after recruiting several more of our top 10/25 friends, we are eyeballing a Top 25 finish in Turkey. We have several slots available, so we can be open to small groups that are sick of carrying the weight in their own factions.

What we are seeking:

12-15 million minimum defense
Solid income for donations
Great attitude & Team playing mentality
Track record of awesome WD scores (Top 25 Caliber)
Solid communicator via 3rd party app

What we can provide:

Awesome teammates who all carry their fair share
A full roster of 12-35 million defense players
Multiple billion in daily donations
Maxed defensive bonuses, and most attack bonuses
Kickass performance with no Nazi leadership
Highly organized leadership with access to the best intel in the game

We have a few openings and are accepting 6-8 players prior to Turkey. Please PM me to apply.

PS: Raid Boss event is finished. Please no more PMs to ask if you can get in for the final prize!

02-01-2014, 12:15 PM
Bump to stay in front of all the "I can't finish the Raid Boss" posts.

We can, so come to talk us about a spot!

02-01-2014, 11:15 PM
Bump to the front. Join a fun crew and kick some ass in the process!