View Full Version : Why is customer service treating us like idiots?

02-04-2014, 11:41 AM
Hello everybody and Gree people

When we have a problem we send a ticket to customer service. In return we recieve a delayed and automated response. This is not ok.

Lately I send this:

Hello I have just put 3 skill points to energy and it went from 2280 to
2310 seconds later it went back to 2280. Lately there hash been many
crashes and often when I hit a boss in raid boss game crashes. Besides what
happent to the videos I havent had any since before last war. I know it is
third party.

This is the response:

If you find you are running into issues with game play on your Android device, please update to our latest version which can be downloaded from Google Play. Updates are pushed into production to correct any standing issues. If you are still having problems, please delete and re-install the game to your device (you will not lose any progress). If the issue persists, please let us know.

This is helpfull when your sending your first ticket to Gree and you havent talked to anybody in your faction, on forum or what ever.

Could you please take care and give a proper response.

I would like to add that the raid boss problem did get solved by updates. Would it be that hard to state that they are working on it. The videos did magicly start working again. Did they do something????? As for the skill points I am still missing them.

So in total I believe this happend:

Service agent X recieves mail. Ok press automated response 1. Ticket solved