View Full Version : New faction looking for newer players

02-04-2014, 01:28 PM
U.S. Black ops reserves has merged with the main faction and created a faction shell with lots of existing bonuses.

We want to make an exciting new faction for newer players who we will help develop into a strong new team.
So if you want to be a daily player and get active in the game then please join us now. You will also benefit from lots of bonuses we have already bought.

Our Invite Code is. 164 903 556

Current bonuses
Health regen -26%
Ground attack. +10%
Air attack +5 %
Infantry attack. +15%
Infantry defense +35%
Ground defence. + 25%
Air defence +20%
Sea defence. +15%
Building defence +35%
Building cash output +15%
Guild member increase +22