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02-06-2014, 03:19 PM
Massive Golden Balls - consistently Top 750 (600's) - is looking for 8 active members.
MGB is "casually competitive": Gold optional. No chat apps required.
We currently have 85 Bonuses including:
Influence Points +10%
Gun Attack +15%
Building Output +25%
...and many more!

Officer position(s) may be available for GMT/GMT+ (Euro/Asia/Aus) players.

Minimum stats: 10k x level
Daily cash donations of 4x iph
5000 IP minimum
$250k iph
Active participation in all syndicate events- we are not a Camper Syndicate.
Cash Donations, Raid Boss tokens, Syndicate Points, IP are tracked.

Contact me via private message or in game if you want more information or wish to apply.


Leader - MGB (CC)
Add me: 800861328 & 820320466