View Full Version : 4 spots left, only a matter of hours

02-07-2014, 05:28 AM
After a recent guild I now have 4 spots to fill for wd, we are a strong core group of 48/52 with a large number of members 10mil+ in stats, we have free players light/medium gold users and a couple of gold program users, so you can see all are*
Welcome, All we ask is that your active, donate what you can and communicate!!*

We pride ourself in finishing all events to date, wd we streak as the units are far better and without even trying we still rank 400/500, this comming wd we are going to streak and hope to rank around top250.

We use kakao chat for external comms and this is required as plans always chang and change quick.
Im looking for members that enjoy the game for what it is.....a war game...

Requirements: no gold required but a welcome addition, donations are what you can afford but from time to time we do go all in, Activity is a must but time away is not an issue, kakao talk for comms

Guild +32
Building output +30%
Health regen -35%
Building def +35%
Inf def +35%
Ground def +35%
Air def +35%
Sea def +35%
Inf attk +25%
Ground attk*+20%
Air attk +15%
Sea attk +10%

YOU NEED TO BE 5MIL + for a spot during wd