View Full Version : Looking For That Epic Boss Grand Prize?

02-07-2014, 03:20 PM
We finish the epic boss 5+ times, every event. We do not need any help but we do have several vacant slots. If you want in all you have to do is get 100 kills. We'll do the rest. No level requirement or iph requirement, and we do not care about taking any donations of a few hundred mil. This is strictly for the epic boss, and if you would like to stay, you can discuss that with us. Our requirements are to use group me for communication and get 100 boss kills during our event times.

Once we hit 300 kills for the day, stop and start again the next day for the next round of kills. You must receive 100 kills total before the end of the event or you will be kicked before we hit our 300 for the 5th day. We track kills through the points you gain from boss kills. Pm me for syndicate code or ask questions here.