View Full Version : Why creat new syndicate when u can join WBO Top 750 last battle. Anyone welcome

02-08-2014, 08:45 AM
WBO west billing outlaws

642 013 401

Join now we finish most of the syndicate event

With high bonus and top750 last battle

With bonus
Fight respect payout 20%
Jobs payout 10%
Car defense 15%
Building output 25%
Melee defense 25%
Armor attack 5%
Armor defense 15%
Explosive defense 10%
Building defense 25%
Hideout health 5%

Join now no requirement as long as you are active

02-08-2014, 08:51 AM
Hey Everyone, Im Benzo from the Cruel Intentions Syndicate. We are a tremendously nice, fun and devoted group of players who need about 10 more (46/56) to fill our mafia. We have some gold spends, and thats definitely a boost, But basically we are looking for highly skilled talent to help up crack the top 150 or beyond!!! PLUS JOING HISTORY!!! Looking for players with atleast 2 Mill stats, or close with the boosers. You can friend me at code: 914 091 016 to talk, or apply directly to the syndicate the CIA requires groupme, a very easy app thats free and is vital to our success and communication.

The INVITE CODE IS: 799567798 , you can apply directily there and say benzo sent you. Good Luck and PLease Apply! Were nearly completey perked out too with bonueses

02-08-2014, 05:14 PM
Join for epic boss bonus

02-09-2014, 08:21 AM
Bump. Up if see

02-10-2014, 11:15 AM
Bump up up up

02-15-2014, 01:25 PM
Bump up up