View Full Version : Respect Fear None Is looking or Singles Or a Merge....do you fit with us

02-09-2014, 06:22 PM
Respect all Fear None is looking for a faction to merge with us or active singles to join ....to us to be clear.... we can accept up to 25 players. We are about to unveil a 105 BILLION DOLLAR FACTION UPGRADE PLAN That includes the following

3.6 Billion for 5% infantry attack....this will put us at 20%
9.0 Billion for 5% Ground attack.... this will put us at 20%
10.0 Billion for 5% Air attack....this will put us at 15%
10.0 Billion for 5% Sea attack....this will put us at 10%
49.0 Billion for 15% Building output...will max us out
4.0 Billion for air Defense ...will max us out
19.6 Billion for Sea defense....will max us out

These will be done in two weeks....this a major building campaign we have going starting right after war......come be part of our rebirth and re-branding

Here are the requirements of a merge with us...

1. Battle like your hair is on fire!
2. Groupme chat
3. Respect all Fear none
4. Real Life is first!
5. Kid friendly! No vulgar language or nude photos in our rooms period
6. Have fun....this is a game....played by adults....kids and others...lol
7. 4 x iph average daily donations...don't worry about new le buildings....just tell us you have something going on...keep us in the loop and no problems here on this one....
8. Participate in events .....remember number 4 above but don't forget number 1 either
9. No bashing of Disney!...Hey we are kid friendly...and just want everyone to have a good time

We do well in raid boss events, epic boss events and other faction events...with you and your group we can do even better....don't think your small faction is to small to ask to join our group...we are also going to be doing some guild upgrades as well.

If you want be a part of this pm me...lets talk