View Full Version : Streaking is so much fun

02-11-2014, 02:44 AM
Going for rank can be a endless gold rush with little reward for effort. No one will ever beet the pirates the game is set up to have players fill greedy pockets. Why not come fight for streaks and 50wins where it is more intense as the streak builds up, great stradergy involved to. We rank 370 in our 3rd ever war and got 40 wins and 7 streak but need some strong active players. We have great team with big gold spenders , who are happy where there gold is going. Army of demons faction code 974986621
infantry attack 5%
ground att 10%
infantry def max
ground def 25%
sea def 15%
air def 20%
health regen 23%
building output 10%
these bonuses are growing almost daily