View Full Version : Top 250, 38-0 in turkey, need just a few more night owls!!

02-13-2014, 10:15 PM
🏆 908-454-947 🏆
38-0 and we didn't even fight on Monday, soon to be 50+ And 0 just need some a few more ppl to stay up late, or from Europe or a similar time zone! Only requirement is downloading our chat app LINE and being active, we have many members from top 50 and top 25 factions!! We use tons of strategy and have tons of fun doing it... Beatin small streak teams w strategy and organization but we are vet all very relaxed and have fun!!! Keyword!!! Great opportunity, we prefer low lvs but have a sister faction w our hlp's that we use to help us finish events! Great place to land!