View Full Version : This ONLY a game and its SUPPOSE to be FUN.... We're a DRAMA free Faction.

02-16-2014, 04:51 AM
We are not a streak faction... In fact we concentrate on maximum points and finished 518 in the last event with 48 members. We hope to one day be able to do streaks but we are currently playing to our strengths.. We are unique in that we do not judge the player on individual events. Instead, we evaluate the player 1 month at a time. We have an elaborate point system that allows the member to earn their required points throughout the month. This allows the member to play to their own strength and the freedom to play when its best for them... It is our goal at UNITED STATES OF TEXICO to have a competitive faction that is still fun. A faction that realizes, life happens and that this is just a game. If interested, please join us at 975 498 211