View Full Version : New syndicate...Looking for active players and small crews

02-17-2014, 08:12 AM
Im gonna be starting a new syndicate later today and will be looking for active players and crews to join me.ive been co lead in top 25 here and top 50 and 100 in ka and mw.

Players with multiple accts is a plus as long as active and also looking for players with hi iph as well as good stats per level.

My main acct. Is lvl 122 and 8.25m attack and i have 2 other accts as well.pm me if your intrested in joining,groupme is a must and ultimately looking to be gold free( of course is ok but never necessary ) and place inside the top 250.the main focus early on will be building up,the bonuses and working with other syndicates to get quests completed.