View Full Version : CoNflict of InTerest. Top 1500 first ever battle together

02-17-2014, 05:37 PM
Some friends and myself stepped away from a top 250 syndicate to start a new one and are looking for just about anyone. Have about four spots open. Currently have 30 mods already and trust me that will jump up. we are on groupme to make it easier to communicate and be well organized for events but not a requirement. Myself and two others will be buying some gold but not required as well. We are active and want to grow and win and get better.

If you are interested it's syndicate #417427714

Any questions message me or enter the invite code.

We are wanting to make a push for top 750 at least next battle. Just need some active players to help
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IHF Founder GB
02-18-2014, 07:11 AM
If you guys are still looking, so is IHF!
Got 32 open spots, 4 of us used to be top 25 but didn't
want to use gold no more, so we've got the knowlegde.
Now top 750 but wanna get way higher!
All but 3 bonuses maxed out, only on Wednesday
we want the imcomes of our members to open the last.
We run a fun house without drama and use a chat room
in message me to stay in touch.
Please reply if you're interested to work out the details!