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02-19-2014, 03:52 PM
Shaggymoney (a Top 100 Faction) and THE Shaggymoney Academy (a Top 500 Faction) are currently looking for active players to join our family.

What are we looking for:

- active and social member, especially during faction events.
- communication via groupme
- team first attitude
- ability to score 50k WD points (shaggymoney only)
- min stats of 6mil attack/defense (shaggymoney only)

We are an active and organized team made up of a diverse group players from around the world. We play as a team and compete as a team. At shaggymoney we compete all faction goals and then help those in the academy complete their goals. And of course both groups offer competitive bonuses.

We are not the faction for you if you are a camper, hopper, solo player, lazy SOB or are a miserable human.

PM me on the forum or in the game if interested in joining us or if you have any questions.

Player ID: 742 187 651

02-20-2014, 04:18 AM
Because you asked (and it looked correct when I typed it):

Shaggymoney THE Acadamy
Code 487436608 804386858
Ranking Top 100 Top 500
Health Regen 35% 35%
Gnd Atck 20% 15%
Air Atck 20% 15%
Inf Atck 25% 20%
Sea Atck 10% 5%
Inf Def 35% 35%
Gnd Def 35% 35%
Air Def 35% 30%
Sea Def 30% 25%
Bldg Def 35% 35%
Bldg Out 25% 20%

02-20-2014, 02:04 PM
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