View Full Version : place to find help for raid boss tier one and two

02-21-2014, 03:17 PM
My faction Respect all Fear None has been around since the start of faction events. We have helped smaller factions complete raid boss every event so far. We have never been able to finish the event ourselves because we lack the fire power. We have always had enough folders and have enough this time. We have over 10k folders as we speak. What we are offering this time is a more organized effort. We will already have the faction prize so we want need a prize seat. we just need to be able to do our hits and leave. We can't do much. I have another room set up for folks that want to try and help others.

If your faction needs help on tier 1 or tier 2 we are here to help. Here are the rules.

1. You have to have GROUPME FOR YOUR FACTION
2. You have to have folders
3. we will come in when the boss is up do our power attack and leave...someone has to be able to let people in quickly so we can help....we also will be needing to get back in quickly so we can get the small loot prize.