View Full Version : Help needed!!

02-23-2014, 02:04 AM
Has your syndicate run out of Uzis or you have finished raid boss? Are you looking to farm items? Then soldiers of fortune needs your help were currently on 24/27 on elite and need players to help us take out bosses, would need you to join us do your power attack and the leave again, once boss is down come back in collect your prize and repeat! we use kakao as chat app so search for me "razzman" or send pm on here

02-23-2014, 03:03 AM
Free bump! $!

02-23-2014, 08:50 AM
hey bro add me on groupme steveci187@gmail.com

02-23-2014, 09:14 AM
Why would anyone FA for you but not get a spot for the prize? If you want jumpers they normally just hit enough to qualify.

02-24-2014, 10:12 AM
Still looking for help

02-25-2014, 10:35 AM
About to start lvl 27 still in nee of help