View Full Version : Raid Boss 100 help or alliance

02-25-2014, 08:26 AM
We are struggling with the level 100 boss. we are a top 250 faction but just don't have enough heavy hitters to take it down easily on our own. It is also next to impossible to get the whole faction to hit with people in time zones all over the world. We would be very grateful for some assistance.

We are open to any help we could get. If you want to join and stay to go as far as we can with remaining time that is fine. If you only are able to help with this one lvl 100 boss on 22/27 also cool. Another possibility is you are a faction(s) like ours and want to form an alliance. You send over players for force attacks and kill our level 100, we regen fully and do the same and join your faction to help kill your level 100.

If you would be willing to help you can post in the thread here or send me a PM. We use Palringo for chat so I can PM you our room code but I also have a GroupMe account to talk as well if you don't have Palringo. If there is already a Palringo room or GroupMe doing this sort of thing I would be grateful if someone could give me the room name. No reason to reinvent the wheel.

We are a top 250 faction, very cool and eclectic group of adult players so if you help us out and need our help we will happily repay that debt. Also might have spots for permanent players if you need a new home.