View Full Version : Play a Lot Top 500 is searching for new Friends.

02-28-2014, 06:20 AM
Play a Lot syndicate is recruiting.

We are looking for active members, with good level/stats ratio, preferably above 4 mill stats.
We were placed #458 with 697k IP-Points. With strong and active members, we can go a lot higher.
After we cleared the Dead Weight, we are ready to get more active people. Groups who search for a new home are always welcome.


Atleast 15k Points in Battle
Contribution on SLTQ and other Events.
Min 5 bricks donated per day ( Thats possible for everyone)
Daily Uzi-Farming
Using Line Chat to communicate
Daily Cash Donation ( IPH 3x)

***Our Current Syn-Bonusses***

Car attack 5%
Car defense 25%
Melee attack 10%
Melee defense 25%
Gun defense 25%
Amor attack 15%
Amor defense 25%
Explosive attack 10%
Ecplosive defense 25%
Fight respect payout 25%
Job payout 20%
Building output 25%
Building defense 25%
Hideout health 15%
Hideout damage 10%
Influence increase 5%
Syndicate member increase +34

If you want to join us, PM me or add me on Line. ID= ricoschwanz

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