View Full Version : Looking For LLP L20-45 With 2-3 Million A/D.....

03-02-2014, 06:07 PM
I am looking for 8 members to complete a 24 slot LLP streak team. I am specifically looking for accounts between the levels of 20 and 45 with 2-3 million A/D stats. Our team has been thru 6 WD wars. Out of all of the battles fought we have only lost three. We are currently expanding from 12 to 24 members. The accounts mentioned are specific to our strategy.

Here are the easy requirements:

1.You have a camper mentality. Do not do any PVP, robbing, attacking, LTQ, etc... that will acquire a ton of XP. Stay as low level as possible for as long as possible.

2. Do participate in the raid and epic boss events (Though it appears that the Epic Boss is now a trash event and a thing of the past!).

3. Actively participate in the WD wars, we battle a lot.

That's it! We have some allies we jump over and help with the boss events. If you have a syndicate you prefer to do these with no problem! Just circle back to our syndicate prior to the WD war.

Any LLP between 2-6 million in stats will be considered. We use GroupMe. Hit me up there for more information (txbigball@yahoo.com). This thread will not be monitored.