View Full Version : ☀️ Looking to Expand our Asian add/European membership by 4-6

03-03-2014, 05:14 PM
Lee2 is looking to add four (4) to six (6) Asian or European individuals to the team. So.....If you are looking for an active, dedicated, fun loving team who is well organized and completes most Faction events, then please give me a shout. The team consists of US, Canadians, Euro, Asia & Aussie, which means we are active throughout the day.
INVITE NO. 783 515 403 .

Fraction Requirements
1. Must be active and participate in all fraction events.
2. Must use GroupMe Chat
3. Donate 5x iPh
4. Must be able to score 30k WD Points.
5. We use Dockbot durning war.
6. Minimum stats 35k per Level.

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