View Full Version : Where's my aussie ladies and gents at???

03-05-2014, 08:32 AM
What makes a Rogue? We are everyday, mostly all day players. Everyone in the faction has become friends. We are tight knit,and always helping one another. We went from a 4000 faction to a 500 faction within a few months because of our members participation. We have a high turnover of members because of lack of participation. those that are members and officers now, have earned their place here, and know what to expect. We have a minimum 6,000,000 weekly donation rule per member, but all contribute well above that. This does not guarantee a place at the table. We stress participation in all parts of a campaign, and communication is a must. This is a high paced ,friendly group, that just wants to have fun, and expects nothing less than what we put out!!! If you fit this description of a Rogue, you may have a seat!! DO YOU FIT THE DESCRIPTION? Pm me for details!!