View Full Version : ♥♥ Can all Top 25/50 Factions PM me ♥♥

Gemma UKU
03-06-2014, 02:42 AM
This is a message going out to all Top 25/50 Factions, could you please pm me with the following details:

★Your Faction Name
★Your Ranking in WD
★The Chat App you use ie groupme, Line, Kakao or Palingo.

I am looking to start a chatroom with Officers and Faction leaders from these factions. I think it has got to a point now where we all need to try and help each other out as much as we can. We all enjoy the game and are very passionate about it. Alot of factions are trying to recruit at the moment and im sure some of you would agree its a bloody nightmare. So I thought perhaps starting a chatroom that may benefit us all. All we can do is give it ago and if it doesn't work out well at least we have given it a shot. I hope to hear from alot of factions and make some more friends.


03-06-2014, 12:41 PM
This is too funny! You are having trouble recruiting people so you want other factions to help? What a joke...How about doing things to make your faction more enticing or maybe try retaining players......

03-06-2014, 02:19 PM
Funny thing, "sparky", you had to create a whole new login for the forum just so you could comment cause you are not a big enough person to show your true self. Sad