View Full Version : TOP 250 IT Crew - new and improved after a merge

03-06-2014, 06:14 AM
We have recently expanded and gone through a merge with a top 500 faction. We believe this will give us the firepower needed to complete all events and push to top 150. We need 2-3 active players to fill our team out. We have a good mix of gold and free players and are a fun, laid back bunch.

What we are looking for is someone that can be active for faction events and average at least 20k wd. We understand people have lives, just ask you let us know if you will be away for a while. We ask you to donate what you can knowing the faction upgrades will benefit us all.

PM with interest

30% defense from buildings
+26 alliance
35% infantrydefense
35% ground defense
35% health regen
35% air defense
30% sea defense
20% building output
25% infantry attack
20% ground attack
15% air attack
10% sea attack

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