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Fort Bragg Warriors
03-06-2014, 12:51 PM
[QUOTE=Fort Bragg Warriors;1225413]All I ask is participation and communication. Donate what you can.
My stats are 4.0/5.2. I started this faction a month ago and already have 34 upgrades. I spend too much time playing this game and as for all events I'm fully involved. I myself score at least 150k in war if not more with my main, and 50 to 60k with my mini. As for faction upgrades they are listed below. We have three of us in the 5mil stats and the rest 1to2mil stats all the way down to I think 700k stats. I'm trying to get this thing moving but dang it's hard to find good loyal people now days. Everyone is about the greed instead of playing and having fun. Forgot to put invite code in. 346665102

30% regen health
10% ground att
10% infantry att
30% infantry def
20% ground def
15% air def
10% sea def
30% building def
10% building output